Contact & Scheduling

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all services will be virtual until further notice.

Afternoon and evening availability, Monday-Thursday.

(Flexibility is available for weekend appointments if necessary.)

Individuals or Groups

In addition to individual sessions, Dana can work with families, friends, queerplatonic partners, polycules, D/s dynamics, etc. to unpack unhealthy relationship dynamics or communication issues.

$60 per person for a group session or workshop (or can negotiate flat rate).

$115 for a 60-minute individual session.

Dana offers private pay services only. Contact to negotiate sliding scale if needed.

Dana is also a member of Open Path Collective with limited availability for low-cost services.

Community Outreach

Dana is available to contract with community organizations and non-profits for education and training. Dana has expertise in LGBTQ and neurodiversity affirming practices, trauma-informed care, and the dynamics of abuse.

Dana can facilitate workshops for teambuilding, conflict resolution, or artivism. They can also explore how experiential and action methods could support and expand your work!

Professional Consultation

Dana offers individual consultation to mental health professionals. Learn more about LGBTQ issues (including questioning sexual orientation and/or gender identity, coming out, microaggressions, and/or minority stress), neurodivergence (including Autism / ADHD), domestic violence, complex trauma, or embodied/somatic practices.

The individual consultation rate is $150/hr. Sliding scale is available for providers with lived experience of marginalization.

Organizational rates will be determined on a case by case basis. Dana will consider both the type of organization and its mission and values. Sliding scale will be offered to those privileging lived experience of marginalization and oppression in leadership.

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