Groups for Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 has created isolation for a lot of helping professionals. It also creates avenues for connection outside of geography.

Isolation can increase risk for burnout. Professionals in private practice may be especially at risk.

Peer support in a community of like-minded individuals creates opportunities for personal and professional growth and accountability.

Please check this page for updates regarding what professional development groups are available.

Current Groups

Autistic Healthcare Provider Peer Support Group

Autistic healthcare providers need additional support to make our practices accessible based on our needs so that we can best support our clients.

The groups will cover topics and issues such as masking and unmasking, energy accounting, sensory needs, burnout, and self-advocacy.

This group is suitable for all health and social care providers and allied professionals including, but not limited to: therapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists etc.

This group is offered in collaboration with Thriving Autistic.

The next cohort will meet biweekly on Thursdays from June 30 – September 22, 2022.

Past Groups

Abolitionist Working Group

This group is designed for mental health providers. It is open to any helping professional.

In Decarcerating Disability, Liat Ben-Moshe connects psychiatry and the mental health system to other carceral systems like the prison industrial complex. Healthcare professionals interested in social justice and liberation need to understand how our current mental health system reinforces carceral logic and expands the reach of carceral systems. The pathologization, segregation, punishment, and incarceration of certain segments of the population is rooted in white supremacy culture.

This working group will encourage participants to explore the ways in which our current policies and practices reinforce carceral logic. We will unpack the differences between reform and abolition. And we will imagine a non-carceral future, where diversity and difference are valued. Where all individuals have the structures and supports needed to thrive.

This group will meet via Zoom on October 15, November 12, and December 10, 2021 from 11am-12pmCST.

The group is donation-based. There is a suggested donation of $15.

The donation-based system has the intention that those with more privilege pay more, while those who are multiply marginalized pay less. It acknowledges our existence within a capitalist system, while allowing for freedom and agency to also give and receive support in non-transactional ways.

25% of any proceeds which come from the group will be reinvested into racial justice organizations.

I will re-evaluate the schedule for 2022. Please check back for updates!

How Can I Join?

If you want to see if there is space available in any future or on-going group, contact me!