Drama Therapy Groups

I think drama therapy is most effective in a group setting.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including Delta variant, I am not currently offering in-person groups.

As the situation evolves, I will reconsider what feels safe.

Please check back here for future updates.

Why Groups?

Complex trauma is most often relational trauma.

Someone in the past wasn’t there for you. You were alone. Or worse, betrayed or harmed!

This can make it challenging to be in a group!

But it is also what makes groups so powerful.

Being able to be seen, heard, and valued in a group is the most effective way to heal trauma.

Participating in a group allows you to gain self-awareness of how you show up with/for others.

Therapeutic spaces offer a mirror into our experience. We can see ourselves in a different light.

This can create anxiety and uncertainty. It also magnifies the healing potential of therapeutic work.

A group can offer peer support. Often, we feel isolated in our struggles. Knowing other people are experiencing similar things can help you feel less alone. This reduces guilt and shame. Which makes it easier to cope.

What Do Groups Look Like?

You never have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Drama therapy values the role of the Witness.

Our brains have mirror neurons. They help us feel empathy when watching others. This is why you can have an emotional response to watching a TV show or film, a play, or seeing someone get hurt.

So even being present in a group setting can have positive benefits!

In a group, we will learn more about each other. We will explore what we have in common. As well as our differences.

We might play drama games or improvise scenes. We can also explore challenging interactions in our own lives.

We might make visual art. Listen to music. Or do creative writing.

Creating art can be therapeutic. And making meaning out of that art can help us gain insight and self-awareness.

But every group will be a little bit different. It depends who shows up! And your wants and needs matter, too.

I Want to Learn More!

For individuals

If you’re curious and potentially interested in participating in a group…

If you want to learn more about drama therapy groups or the benefits of group work…

If you want to join or be put on a waitlist for an upcoming group

You can Contact me!

Organizations and Community Organizers

Drama therapy can be helpful for teambuilding and conflict resolution.

Theatre of the Oppressed techniques can also be a vehicle to explore systemic oppression.

I offer educational workshops on a variety of topics.

If you want to learn more about how drama therapy could support your mission and goals, contact me!