I am so glad you’re here.

I am a drama therapist, which is one of the creative arts therapies (art, dance/movement, drama, music, and poetry therapy).

This means I use the tools of theatre and drama (like movement, gesture, storytelling, roleplay, etc) to generate insight and create change.

This is a comic strip I created to illustrate how drama therapy can differ from talk therapy:

This is an interview I did about drama therapy for the NextQuest Podcast!

And this link will take you to an interview I did with Balance Wellness.

As a drama therapist, I wear a lot of different hats (or play a variety of roles) so this page will help you figure out how to get the best experience of this website from here.

If you are a potential client, you might want to go to “How I Can Help” to learn more about how you might benefit from drama therapy, or “Contact & Scheduling” to set up an appointment or consultation with me.

If you are a mental health provider you might want to check out “What is drama therapy?” or click the “Creative Arts Therapies” category on the word cloud on the bottom of the sidebar to read some articles where I outline the theoretical foundations and scope of practice of drama therapy. You could also peruse my Curriculum Vitae if you want to learn more about my training and experience.